Apr 6th, 2014

Summer Nail Color Picks
Hello my friends,
The heat of the summer here in Philippines is starting to get intense. This is the perfect time to finally wear warm colors either on makeup or clothes. This is the time for music festivals and never ending visits to the beaches. I usually worship summer by updating my nail color. I haven’t moved on yet from the shimmery and wine nail polishes from last holiday/ winter season. So aside from neon and bright nail colors I still have to include some last season colors on my list and besides I still find them to look great for this season.
Flormar Pretty Nail Enamel in P16  | Price: Php 79.00 | From: Watsons Store

This is a mixture of pink and coral tone in ultra bright shade.  For my age, (I’m 31 years young by the way) I usually stay away from this kind of colors because I find it too girly and pinky pop on me. But there are days when I feel really happy that I got to wear this color. I mostly wear this when I’m up for some good outdoor activity and it just compliments to the warm lights of the sun.
Caronia Nail Polish in Taupe | Price: around Php 35.00 | From: Watsons Store

Who said we cannot have tan on our nails? If you will base it on its color name, this nail polish is not actually taupe in color but more like dark tan. I know that for some of us  summer season is also a job hunting season (congratulations the march graduates there!) and this is one those color that looks clean and more corporate acceptable.
Caress Nail Polish in Blue R-102 | Price: 23.75 | From: Watsons

I love this one. This is the type of marine blue color but 2 shades lighter and brighter. If you’re like me who regularly wears white t-shirt, this will perfectly compliment your get up.
Caress Nail Polish in Oriental Purple | Price: 23.75 | From: Watsons

If you are like me that has still hang over with wine color trend from last season perhaps you might still want some grip of it by wearing it on your nails. This wine-purple color is bright enough to compliment this summer. It actually looks sexy for summer night out.
Bobbie Premium in Chestnut | Price: 35.50 | From: Watsons

I love shimmers on summer, it reminds me of the sparkling bubbles made by the beach waves.  This shimmer polish is more like champagne in color. Just one coat of it and you got a sparkling but clean looking nails.
Caress Nail Polish in Summer Green | Price: 23.75 | From: Watsons

If you don’t want those neon type of green that we usually sees on summer, this is a refreshing alternative for you. This is a pastel type of yellow green so it is not overwhelming on nails. It actually looks neat especially on fair skintone.
How about you do you have some nail colors that you love wearing on summer? Let me know.
Until then, be blessed.
Mar 27th, 2014

Orange Lips
Hello my dear friends,
It’s been a long hiatus for me here, there’s a lot of life pondering and fixing going on these past few months (my apologies). There are things in life I have to leave behind and there are things that essentially must stay and be taken care of and one of it is my well love hobby on makeup. Now that things are getting better, I’m back writing again about my make-up and beauty adventures.  So without further emo rants here, here is my trend tutorial on wearing orange lippie.
Orange lips can has been everywhere on SS2014 runways. This warm tangerine color is naturally perfect for medium, olive and morena (brown skin) skintones. If you are cool and fair skintone gal that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this intimidating trend. I have seen this some fair skin celebrities who were able to work it on red carpet. Red-orange tone can look good on almost all skin tone and when this elusive color seems to overwhelm you, you can opt for matte finish lippie.
Bright Complexion
1. One of the techniques to wear orange lips, is by achieving a bright glowing complexion. You need to prep up your clean skin by moisturizing or applying a primer first. Her I’m using a CC cream (Skin 79 Complete CC Cream Control) . CC creams are known to correct minor skin blemishes and redness. It has also subtle brightening agents and SPF. So this is an all in one primer I should say.
2. Lightly apply BB cream or any light foundation you prefered. Go easy with foundation 2 pea size amount can be enough for face and neck, remember you don’t wanna look like a melted icing on the heat of the summer. For the blemishes and dark undereye circles cover them up with good concealer of your choice.
3. Wait for the foundation or bb cream to dry for few minutes before lightly patting a setting powder on your face.

Eye Routine
1. You don’t need to do a lot of eye work for this makeup look. Remember the main focal point of your face is your luscious lips. For the eyes I will be using Sleek Eyeshadow Storm Palette. We will only use a basic contouring on the eyes by applying highlight at the inner corner of the eyes, then applying matte medium tone eyeshadow at the crease of the eye blending it up to the brow bone.
2. You can now line your eyes and apply mascara on this part, but if you want a further depth to your eyes you can apply dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes. I have also discovered that applying a light peach shimmer (Perfect storm on Sleek Storm Pallete) under the lower lash line can work wonder on lifting up tired eye droopy eyes.
3. Line your eyes with dark brown eyeliner pen just follow the natural shape of your eye. Apply mascara as usual.
4. For the eyebrows, I’m using a quick technique here. First, brush any strays of eyebrow hair by using an eyebrow spoolie brush with some hairspray. Then start drawing lighty your brow ¼ from where your inner eyebrow starts. Just follow the natural shape of your brows. (1) Once you have filled your eyebrows, brush down the makeup to the inner corner of your eyebrow using the eyebrow spoolie brush. This will create a subtle color on the inner eye brows. (2) Make your eyebrow makeup look more blended by lightly running the spoolie brush  on eyebrows.

Finishing Touches
1. Now let’s make the skin sun-kissed and glowing by applying bronzer (I’m using WetNWild Bronzzer) on the sides on parts of the face where the sun will hit your face.  That will be on forehead, temples, cheeks, bridge of the nose and chin. Apply some bronzer under your chin and jawline and blend it down to your neck, just make sure that your face and neck will not look different.
2. Then apply a pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, the pink blush gives a good contrast to already peachy glow of your face.
3. And lastly, apply orange color lippie that suits your complexion. Here, I’m courageous enough to wear an orange color that has more yellow tones in it. Well life is short to play safe all the time. Who knows what you will discover when you try to be daring sometimes.

Until then, be merry and blessed,
Dec 22nd, 2013
"there are days you don’t want to wake up, and this what I feel right now"
Dec 17th, 2013

Sexy Eyebrow Routine
Such a small part of the face but once you’ve groomed and filled it right, it can make a lot of difference in your total makeup look. For me if I have to choose only 2 makeup to put in my face eyebrow would be the 2nd one I’ll choose (heavy duty foundation would be the 1st as I’m suffering with terrible pimple breakouts).
I would suggest that if it’s your first time to primp your eyebrows go to a professional eyebrow shaping salon. They know which shape will look good on your face shape and they can neatly wax those strays of hairs and a lot more, then later on you can just do the plucking or on my part shaving whenever little eyebrow hairs would come out. And you already have a well-groomed eyebrow but needs some more filling up here’s a good tutorial for you:

1. I’ll be using e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit in medium shade. I love this one because it’s super cheap for its good quality.  I usually do my right eyebrow first and the left on so I can easily create an almost identical eyebrow. But as most makeup artist would say eyebrow were sister but not twins so it doesn’t have to be perfectly identical.
2. Brush any strays of eyebrow hair by using an eyebrow spoolie brush that was sprayed with some hairspray. This will help those stubborn hairs to behave in one place. Oh and if ever you don’t have eyebrow spoolie brush a used toothbrush will do.
3. To easily outline your desired eyebrow shape, use a light brown eyebrow pencil. This will serve as your guideline.
4. Start filling in the outline with elf Eyebrow Kit’s eyebrow wax. Starting at the outer corner of the eyebrow this is where the eyebrow wax should be heavier. The brush strokes should get lighter as you get close at the inner corner of the eyebrow.
5. Once you’re done filling in the eyebrow, lightly dab the eyebrow powder to set the eyebrow wax.
6. Clean up the eyebrow edge by using a concealer the same shade as your skin tone or if you want to be dramatic, use a one-tone lighter concealer using a flat brush conceal outside the top and bottom of your brows only, blend it well and your eyebrow will look instantly sharp. Talking about that flatbrush, I bought them at an art supply store.

7. Off course do the same step on the other side of your eyebrows and as strong as your eyebrows, you’re ready to go out and conquer the world! Or better yet continue with your eye makeup and your world will slightly get brighter. Well whatever you prefer may the force be with you.
Dec 3rd, 2013

Hi there friends!
Eyeshadow, the crayola of all makeups. The enormous range of colors, finish and form is so fun and exciting to look at but will surely intimidate makeup newbies. So today I’m going to post a series of simple eye shadow techniques that even makeup newbies can actually quickly and easily do.
Simple Eyeshadow Techniques no.1: The Gradient Effect
This technique is very easy to do and commonly done. It actually gives and instant eyelift for droopy eyes. And it also enhances close set eyes as it creates an illusion of extra space because of its gradient appearance. The light color eyeshadow or highlighter was placed at the inner corner of the eyes, while the darkest shade or the contour was placed on the outer corner of the eyes.
Apply the highlighter shadow at the inner corner of the eyes. Most of the highlighter eye shadow can be shimmery finish and the lightest color in palette. It can be white, cream and even gold color.
Apply the midtone eyeshadow at the center of the eyelids just past the socket line.
Blend the highlighter and midtone eyeshadow together to create a gradual color transition.
Accentuate the gradient effect by applying the darkest eyeshadow (contour) shade at the outer corner of the eyes.
Blend the dark eyeshadow shade to the midtone eyeshadow. You can actually wing it out to create a cat eye shape by blending it towards the eyebrow.
An you’re done! More eyeshadow techniques to come.
Nov 25th, 2013

The foundation adventure of the overly excited makeup enthusiast
Hello Beauties,
I have always been amazed on how great makeup artist and youtube beauty gurus were able to create a well contoured makeup face. Think about the yellow concealer that Kim K were famous for, suddenly her face has this beautiful glow.
I’m so eager to buy several shades of foundations just to practice those looks but I will end up spending a lot for that.  I’ve seen some foundation palettes from Graftonian, Kryolan and RMCA but these were also expensive and for professional use, when all I want is a palette that I can practice on without the guilt of expensive price. So here comes the Jazzy Collection Photo Ready Foundation.

I was really excited when I found out that this foundation palette is 20% off during the Watsons latest sale. It actually comes in 3 palette type, the light, medium and dark. I bought the PR-003 Medium Nude just to be on the safe choice.

Color: PR-003 Medium Nude   Price: Php 550 at Watsons 
The palette contains 3 colors, the yellowish one which serves as a highlighter, the nude one which serves as a base foundation and the dark tan one which is for contouring. I’ve tested it on my wrist and I’m pleased to know that this foundation is pigmented enough, for its cheap price. I was actually expecting that since this is an affordable cream type foundation, I’ll be getting more oil rather than the color, but happy to find out that it’s not. 

As I mentioned earlier this is a cream type foundation, but be aware that when this foundation was exposed to hot environment its creamy consistency becomes somewhat liquid-y. Since this foundation is somewhat silky, I find it easy to blend. After applying this foundation on my face, I gently pat a tissue to blot out the excess oils and set it with pressed powder.
The foundation lasted 2 hours before I turned into a greasy head. Well I expected that since my skin is super oily and I tested it at the peak of humid afternoon. You have to be aware that this is not an everyday wearing type of foundation. I recommend it for photo shoots and probably night makeup. This product has no SPF which is really great for photography since foundations containing SPFs produces ghost face on flash photography. Well, the name says it all Jazzy Collection Photo Ready Foundation.

Interestingly this product is made in France but what amuses me is that this is one of the few makeups that have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) System Certification SGS which means that it ensures the integrity of the product manufacturing process as well as compliance with its safety regulations. 

What I like about it:
Affordability, you get 3 foundation colors for the price of one.
The color and pigment is reasonable enough for its price
The compact packaging
I find it easy to blend since its consistency is more on the oily side.
Looks great on photograph
Perfect for practicing makeup enthusiast like me since this foundation compact will goes a long long way.
What I didn’t like about it:
I hope there is a spatula included. It is very unhygienic to just dip your brush or fingers on to it.
Personally, it’s too oily for my skin that I still have to blot it out with tissue before applying setting powder on my face
Overall rating 3 out of 5
All in all my love for this product is impartial. This will only serve as my contouring foundation. I don’t think I could use the midtone or the nude color on this palette as foundation base when contouring. I like it for the fact that it is cheap and it goes a long way before it last, that means I could practice my contouring skills a lot. This foundation works great on photography. 

Here is the before and after contoured look courtesy of the Jazzy Collection Photo Ready Foundation:

And this is how it looks like with other makeup on:

Ok never mind my shouting forehead I should have put on more contouring foundation on that part, I just want to show here how my chubby cheeks were reduced and how good the foundation responds on flash photographs.